Can an ordinary business card give you super-powers?

No. But one with X-Ray vision can.

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X-Ray Biz Cards creates unique business cards that function as a powerful marketing tool at a modest cost for their remarkable effectiveness.

An X-Ray card stands out from the crowd in every way.

We don’t just simulate an X-Ray: we create an X-Ray.

Our cards are the size of a standard credit card with die-cut rounded corners and a durable finish. They are designed to mimic X-Ray film with your contact information imprinted in white on black.  Most importantly, they LOOK and FEEL like a real radiograph!

In a world in which image is all-important, your business card should offer an image that is unforgettable.                             

A business card ordinarily serves only one function.

Let’s rephrase that. An ordinary business card ordinarily serves only one function – to provide prospects with your contact information. Your basic business card offers the civilian version of “name, rank and serial number.”

Our business cards do far more. In fact, X-Ray cards will give you super powers. Here’s how:

1: X-Ray cards can grab your prospect’s attention.

When you hand someone an X-Ray business card, that smooth little slide isn’t going to go gently into the dark hole from whence cards rarely ever re-emerge into the light. The marketing question is, How can my card stand out – and stay out.

Well, now the answer’s here in black & white (and shades of gray). An X-Ray business card stands out from the blizzard of white, off-white, soft white and bright white – offering instead a high-contrast view of somebody’s pearly whites or dancing bones.

2: X-Ray cards can establish your image as individualistic, high-quality, upscale…even capable of humor.

For a business to thrive, today’s marketplace demands an individual identity. Your business card is often the first piece of “brand identity” a prospect sees. Shouldn’t it say something more about you than your fax number?

3: X-Ray cards can break the ice.

When you hand someone a standard card, you’ll get a murmured “thanks” if you’re lucky. This card will spark a conversation that will enable you to find out more about your prospect’s needs, and to let him or her know about your services.

4: X-Ray cards can keep you from getting lost in the shuffle.

You know how it goes: Two weeks after meeting you, your prospect decides to give you a call. Now where did that card go? Is it in this batch thrown in my briefcase? That stack in my desk drawer? Don’t see it…well, I’ll just get out the phone book and find someone.

An X-Ray card looks different, feels different and has a different size. It will always be easily found at the critical moment.

What did we leave out?

Did you notice that we forgot to mention that X-Ray cards can also provide prospects with your contact information, just like the plain-vanilla business cards? But it’s important to remember: X-Ray cards aren’t just a gimmick – they do the job. And more.


Theirs: a business card.

Yours: A multi-use marketing tool.

Our mission is to transform an ordinary business card into an extraordinary marketing tool that will enhance your image and increase your client base.